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08th Jan 2017

Dublin Fire Brigade Took These Deadly Photos Of Dublin From Their Ladder Today

Alana Laverty

We often trawl through Instagram searching for gorge pics of Dublin tagged with #lovindublin to share with you all. 

But who knew our very own Dublin Fire Brigade crew had such talents?

One of their crew took these class photos from the top of one of the brigade ladders – and they turned out deadly! 

Way up there in the sky could be one of the best views of Dublin, we wish we could see it for ourselves! 

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 12 49 55
Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 12 50 02

You wouldn’t wanna be scared of heights!

Screen Shot 2017 01 08 At 12 50 11

To whatever crew member took these: keep it up! Incredible shots. 

Pic credits: 

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