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31st Jan 2019

PICS: Dublin And Ireland’s Most Expensive House Has Been Knocked To The Ground

Darragh Berry

A property that was once worth €58m and was coined, Ireland and Dublin’s most expensive house, has been knocked to the ground.

The Walford house on 24 Shrewsbury Road in Dublin 4 was sold for that price tag during the boom but now it has been “reduced to rubble”.

This house was the definition of the Celtic Tiger at the peak of its powers in Ireland.

It made headlines around the world when it was bought in 2005 and instantly became one of the most expensive houses in the world.

However, the house shortly went back for sale three years later at a price of €75m and then, of course, came the crash.

By 2013, the property had been sold for €13m and has now been reduced to nothing but bricks and mortar.

Here’s what the house looked like, albeit after it was ripped apart…

Walford 1
Walford 2
Walford 3
Walford 4

You can find more information on the property here.

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