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05th Nov 2018

PIC: This Dubliner’s “Stolen Phone” Has Probably Travelled Further Than You Have In Your Entire Life

Darragh Berry

Oh the absolute shame of losing your phone on a night out.

A friend of mine once lost his phone in Westport on a wild Bank Holiday out in the hometown.

His iPhone tracker was turned off and it was ringing out.


He kept ringing day in and day out and sent a message saying that ‘the gardaí were now investigating this matter’.

He gave it one final ring and someone answered.

It was the barman of a pub in Roscommon who had found the phone down the cistern of a toilet.

So sometimes, your lost phone does turn up but it’s no longer in your county.

But what about when it’s no longer in your country, or even your continent.

Well, that’s what happened this Dubliner who lost her phone and found out that it ended up in West Africa.

“Phone was stolen last week.

“Tried to track it but because it was switched off it was only tracking the last place I had it.

“Lost hope. Bought a new phone.

“Decided to track it one last time before letting go forever. Ghana. My phone is in Ghana.”

Which is cheaper, buying a brand new iPhone or getting return flights to Ghana? Answers on a postcard please.

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