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09th Aug 2017

‘Humans Of Dublin’ Has Shared This Post About The Infamous Owner Of The White Moose Cafe

Alana Laverty

You’ve probably heard the name Paul Stenson before. 

The White Moose Cafe owner’s controversial social media tactics are followed worldwide and the cafe’s page now has almost 130,000 followers. 

Paul is an avid Snapchatter and piss-taker – while some absolutely love him, others (mainly vegans) cannot stand him and find his carry-on insensitive and offensive, time and time again. 

Personally? I think he’s gas and has a wicked sense of humour which some people just don’t get. 

But who is the man behind the screen? Well, Humans of Dublin shared this post last night which you may learn a surprising thing or two about Paul from: 

Very interesting to see a more serious side of Paul that we rarely witness. 

The post currently has 6,600 likes on Facebook and hundreds of comments of support for the social media jokester. 

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