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16th May 2018

PIC: A Restaurant In Dublin Airport Is Searching For This Extremely Honest Customer


The award for possibly the most honest person to have ever passed through Dublin Airport goes to a complete stranger. 

A stranger who is SO sound that not only are we betting all our wages that they pay for the Plane Water every single time, they even posted money to a restaurant in the airport after accidentally not paying for an item. 

While some people would shrug it off as an honest mistake, one customer has gone the extra mile by posting €5 to Marquette restaurant in Dublin Airport after realising they never paid for their yoghurt pot.

Marquette shared the sweet note sent to them with fiver enclosed on Twitter and are searching for the customer – offering complimentary food and drink every time they visit as a reward.

The note says: 

“Dear Sir, 

“We had a coffee and scones in your lovely place while waiting for our flight last weekend. My friend had a small granola & yoghurt which the lady placed on the scales but we did not see it did not register with the amount due to be paid by us. (On the receipt after paying.)

“I do hope the enclosed €5 will cover the cost.

“It was not seen by us until it was too late for the weighing again of the product as we were rushing to our flight. 

We look forward to eating with you again, making sure to check our receipt!?! Thanking you!”

Well now. Isn’t this just the nicest thing you’ve seen all day?

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