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04th Sep 2018

PIC: The Dublin Players Celebrated Their All-Ireland Win At A Popular Northside Pub Last Night

James Fenton

It’s been a busy couple of days for the Dublin footballers what with winning the All-Ireland title for the fourth year in a row and celebrating with fans at Smithfield Plaza yesterday evening.

After all that, the victorious players were entitled to some downtime and they indulged in just that last night at the Hacienda Bar on Arran Street, not far from Smithfield.

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The venue posted the pic online and it features the likes of James McCarthy, Dean Rock and Brian Fenton (sporting a fresh shiner), alongside Shay, the owner of the much-loved bar.

The Dubs celebrating an All-Ireland win has become pretty much an annual event but after 16 barren years before 2011, who would blame them?

Next year, a fresh challenge awaits as Jim Gavin’s men aim to become the first side ever to win five Sam Maguires in a row.

(pics: Hacienda Bar)

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