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07th Nov 2018

PICS: 21 Adorable Guinea Pigs Were Abandoned In Dublin And Need Forever Homes

James Fenton

Ah bless. Not only is Lenny Abrahamson one of Ireland’s foremost filmmaking talents, it appears he’s got a heart of gold.

The Oscar-nominated Room director has shared an image of an adorable guinea pig who is looking for a new home with 20 of its pals. The bunch were found and rescued on the side of the road in Co. Dublin and as Lenny points out in his caption, they need to live in pairs.

The guinea pigs could be perfect companions for any little ones in your house or even for yourself. Sure how could you say no?

If you missed the email address in the tweet, it’s [email protected]. Let’s hope Tofu and his mates find a gaff sooner rather than later.

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