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01st Mar 2018

PICS: There’s Absolute Scenes Around Dublin As People Queue For Last Minute Supplies


Storm Emma is here, the Red Weather warning is in full effect and the majority of stores in Dublin are shutting their doors from 2pm onward so that staff can head home to safety. 

Despite there being all day yesterday and this morning to stock up on as much bread and wine as any one needs (okay apart from bread, there’s a shortage crisis there), there’s always a few last stragglers…

People are actually QUEUING in and outside shops and supermarkets to get whatever last minute food bits and bobs they need. 

We’ve a feeling this is all 100% beer runs. Admit it. 

“Empty shelves but full of chat and laughter”

No sausages left? Nightmare

Getting the last bitta bread

Reports of an insane 45 minute queue in Leopardstown

Basket wars


And we’re loving it. Stay safe and warm you bread-loving booze hounds!

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