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12th May 2020

There’s now a Normal People podcast for those who can’t get enough

James Fenton

Normal People is the show on everyone’s lips at the minute, with millions tuning in to find out the fate of Connell and Marianne.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson, Normal People has even infiltrated the walls of Kardashian Towers, with Khole declaring her love for the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel few days ago. James Corden is another celeb who has announced himself as a fan and anyone who is equally obsessed can get there ears around a new BBC podcast dedicated to all things NP.

A Normal People podcast? As Connell would say, “sound”…

The podcast is part of the BBC Sounds Obsessed With… series, which proudly acts as a ‘TV companion podcast for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their favourite drama’. Listeners get to hear from celebrity fans as well as the stars of their favourite shows, with other productions to have gotten the Obsessed With… treatment ranging from Killing Eve to Peaky Blinders to Line Of Duty.

Where can I find the Normal People podcast?

So far, there have been six episodes of Obsessed With… Normal People made with the latest one featuring a interview with Connell and Marianne themselves, AKA Paul Mescal and Daisy-Edgar Jones.

It sounds like the perfect wind-down from RTE’s airing of the show on Tuesday nights and if you fancy a binge yourself, you can access the podcast series here.

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