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20th Dec 2016

Wholesome And Hearty Lunch For Less Than Six Quid On This Rank And Rainy Day


It’s rank out there. And sometimes you just need a warm, filling lunch that won’t break the bank so close to pay day, nor clog your arteries.

And thankfully, just about everything on the menu at Cornucopia, Wicklow Street, fits that brief…

Whether you’re looking for chickpea casseroles, delicious salads or a big bowl of piping hot soup – there’s tons of dishes to choose from, all made from the freshest ingredients.

So much choice in fact, that you’ll probably be tempted to go for their combo plates which include a hot dish or bowl of soup accompanied by two side salads. And we’re not talking about salads made out of a few bits of lettuce, no no – these are hefty salads jam-packed with fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 

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Their potato salad may in fact be the most garlicky (is that even a WORD?) thing you ever taste, and it’s fucking incredible.

However, if you’re looking for a quick and filling lunch, you just can’t go wrong with their soup. With four or five different types to choose from each day (some raw, some hot), a large soup will set you back €5.50 and leave you full ’til dinnertime. 

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Also, don’t be fooled by their crowded seats downstairs at lunchtime – they have a beautifully airy dining room upstairs too.

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So to recap: incredibly healthy, insanely delicious, and super easy on the pocket.

That’s decided then, you’re heading to Cornucopia for lunch today!

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