Introducing The New Michael Flatley And Riverdance For The Millennials

Apparently Irish dancing is sexy again...

When Riverdance first appeared as an interval act at the Eurovision in '95, it quickly became a global phenomenon. 

It made a star out of Michael Flatley, made a lot of people rich and made Irish dancing cool again (or rather, cool in the first place). 

Fast forward a couple of decades and we might just be about to see the next incarnation of Irish dancing. The video above features revolutionary young Cork-born choreographer and World Champion Irish Dancer Alan Kenefick, and his award winning troupe of dancers.

This is effectively a promo video for a new show called ProdiJIG which will start in Cork Opera house in the summer of 2016. 

It'll take a lot to beat hoofer Flatley and the success Riverdance has had, but it does feel like a new modern take on the show is needed and this could be it. 

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Niall Harbison

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