Watch Saoirse Ronan Teach Americans How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

'You don't use the kettle to actually serve the tea. That's wrong.'

Oh Saoirse, stop making us love you even more.

In this video for The Scene on Vanity Fair, where a selection of Hollywood women showcase their hidden talents for the camera, the Oscar-nominated legend has picked something very special indeed: making the perfect cup of tea.

And while she forgets to scald the teapot – eek – she does helpfully remind American audiences that "you don't actually use the kettle to make the tea".

Essential information.

And to top it all off, she even uses shortbread, in true Irish style – no cheap-ass digestives or rich tea biscuits for this lady.

Also, first person to make a pointless statement about her accent gets a pie in the face. For reals.

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