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Music Fan? You Won’t Want To Miss This Gig In Whelan’s At The Weekend

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You may think Sunday should be a ‘day of rest’ – we think absolutely not.

Which is why when we heard one of our favourite musical duos, Sleigh Bells, will be playing Whelan’s this Sunday, we were deliraaaa.

Sleigh Bells is a noise-pop outfit from Brooklyn made up of guitarist Derek Edward Miller and Alexis Krauss, who are basically two of the coolest people ever. 

They’ve been perfecting their loud sugary-sweet-yet-sour pop sound since 2009 and are currently touring their fourth LP, Jessica Rabbit.

The album stopped and started several times over a few years before being released at the end of 2016.

If you like positively STUNNING vocals, synthy guitar, and realistic lyrics about being in a disappointing relationship and “being high as a kite watching Lion King”, then these guys are for you.

The best part? Tickets are only €19, and can still be bought online here.

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