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27th Jan 2022

008 The L List – 5 things we’re Lovin in Dublin this week

Fiona Frawley

"The L List" written in a white box on a red background, with white line illustrations of burgers, pizza slices, pints and fancy G&Ts in the sides of the image.

Pay day. A mass easing of restrictions. The end of January so close we can almost touch it.

It has to be said – there’s a lot to be Lovin in Dublin this week. You could almost say it’s a great time to be alive – almost. If you’re looking for some inspiration for what to eat, see and do this weekend, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a run down of what’s been tickling our fancy over the past few days.

The cinema past 8pm

Nature is healing, people.  Now that cinemas all over Ireland have returned to their regular programming, it’s time to get scheduling your movie date nights. The Light House have two screenings of Rocky Horror this Saturday for those inclined (RIP Meatloaf), and tickets are going fast. Get booking HERE.

Brunch Stacks

How heavenly does this eggy, crispy stack of brunch items look? I’m making a quiet pledge to myself to make this special from The Local in Glasnevin part of my weekend breakfast experience. The dish of dreams incorporates all the main breakfast food groups: hash brown, cheese, bacon – with a spicy chicken fillet thrown in for good measure. Immense.

Return of the icers

I’m surely not alone in this. Once January has passed and temperatures hit anywhere over 5 degrees, I’m immediately seeking out the nearest iced caffeinated beverage – it doesn’t matter if I give myself frostbite holding onto the cup in the process. I swear I saw a hint of a grand stretch one evening this week, which to me signifies the beginning of iced coffee season.

Dumpling Parties

What better way to ring in the Lunar New Year than by consuming your body weight in dumplings? These dumpling parties taking place in both Drury Street and Ballymount this weekend are among the many events Asia Market have lined up to celebrate Chinese New Year, which falls on Tuesday Feb 1st. For more info on this and other events, check out the Asia Market WEBSITE.

Image via Instagram/asiamarket

The Twitter reaction to the “Juliye” hard launch

Alexa, play Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo.

You’ll probably have seen during the week that the artist formally known as Kanye is at it again, curating matching outfits for himself and new gf Julia Fox and even dubbing them as “Juliye”…. it’s a “you can copy my homework but don’t make it obvious” type situation.

The online reaction, as you’d imagine has been iconic. To me, she’s a ringer for Rosie Webster in her goth era (one of my favourite Coronation Street storylines) and she’s firmly shut down suggestions that she’s in the relationship for money or clout, insisting:  “Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real.”


Same time, same place next week for an updated rundown of what we’re Lovin in Dublin.

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