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18th Aug 2022

033 The L List – 5 things we’re Lovin in Dublin this week

Fiona Frawley

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Roll up, roll up.

Welcome to the L List, our weekly round up of things we’re Lovin in Dublin across food, culture and craic. In the week that Marty Whelan was immortalised in tattoo form and the Gardaí launched their new uniforms, there was plenty to be Lovin – and we just so happen to have compiled a list of all our favourites.

Let’s get into it.


This queer cabaret show had its maiden voyage at Bello Bar last Saturday, and I strongly urge everyone to give their page a follow to keep abreast of any more shows they may put on. It genuinely was one of the best nights out I’ve had in Dublin in a long time, and the kind of thing the city desperately needs. Full of laughs, singing, dancing and costume changes, Cabaregg is a joy for all the senses – make sure you nab yourself a ticket to their next show.

New Garda Uniform Fashion Review

Another gem of a story spotted by Very Irish Headlines – a detailed, earnest fashion assessment of the new Garda uniforms. It’s what the people need.

Zampas Summer Fiesta

A free event in the heart of Dublin with live music from Latin American & Brazilian acts – the perfect way to say goodbye to the summer. Big carnival energy slap bang in the middle of town – put your glad rags on and get out there on the 25th.

The Marty Whelan Tattoo Saga

This story has improved my week tenfold, and Marty himself has even admitted he’s ‘strangely flattered’ by this inky depiction of him. If you haven’t yet perused this Twitter thread with glee, you can get the full lowdown HERE.

Bubble Waffles at Nana’s Wexford Street

This picture sadly doesn’t do it justice but this cheesy bubble waffle accompanied by a passionfruit tea from Nana’s on Wexford Street was possibly my favourite thing I consumed this week. The perfect mix of sweet and savoury and, let’s be honest – very fun to eat. Would recommend to a friend.

Cheesy bubble waffle from Nana’s Tea

Same time, same place next week for a fresh round up of things we’re Lovin in Dublin!

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