Five Sinfully Tasty Places To Order Risotto In Dublin

Risotto is Italian for the rice of dreams

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If you've ever tried to make risotto then you'll know that's it ain't easy.

It boils over, it dries out, it doesn't soften or it just disintegrates altogether.

Or is that just me...

Anyways, not being an easy dish to make gives us the perfect excuse to just go out and order some!

Here are five places in Dublin to order some heavenly risotto.

Bon Appétit!

1. Carluccio's – Dawson Street

First up is our personal office favourite, and probably the cheapest on the list, Carluccio's.

They have a mushroom risotto on their main, pricier restaurant menu, but it is the one at lunch time in their deli area that has our hearts <3 Less than €7 for takeaway, can't really complain.

They switch up the ingredients and pastas daily, but you're always in for a treat and massive portion.

2. Pinocchio – Ranelagh/Temple Bar

Love seafood? Then this is only dish you ever need in your life.

The Risotto alla Pescatora from Pinocchio ain't cheap, at €19.90, but when you consider the ingredients – prawns, squids, mussels clams

Risotto with prawns, squids, mussels, clams and cherry tomatoes.

3. Rosa Madre – Temple Bar

A nice vegetarian risotto option – one of our favourite restaurants in Dublin, Rosa Made, offer Risotto Crema di Zucca consisting of risotto with cream of butternut squash and fresh burrata.

If you've never had burrata then, I'm sorry, you haven't lived. Italian for 'buttered', this mozzarella hybrid is harder on the outside and a creamy dream on the inside.

4. Da Mimmo – North Strand

It's no secret that this little slice of heaven in Dublin 3 is one of our all-time favourite restaurants.

And their risotto really is something to write home about. For €15 you can enjoy perfectly cooked carnarolli rice with fresh italian sausage, wild mushrooms, cream, parmesan cheese and saffron.

Creamy and oh so dreamy.

5. Maximilians Bistro – Blanchardstown

A real favourite with locals, but this spot is worth the trip from far and wide just to try it.

They've been open for years and their food is as authentic and unique as you'd find in Italy.

They've three risotto dishes on their menu – a seafood one (clams, mussels, baby squid, prawns and sun-kissed tomatoes in a white wine sauce topped with kind prawns, €19.50), a mushroom-y one (an intense array of wild forest and porcini mushrooms topped with parmesan shaves and fresh parsley, €18.50) and a veggie one (beetroot and sweet potato risotto with butter and topped with parmesan, €17.50).

Literally something for everyone.

Our motto? Risotto.

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