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6 Places To Get Your Fix On Pancake Tuesday In Dublin

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We feel like pancakes, and if you’ll clicked on this article, you probably feel like pancakes too. 

And with Pancake Tuesday only two days away, the planning must commence now! 

Seeing as Tuesday is pay-day for most of us e’ve picked out the best spots for pancakes in town should you fancy pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

1. Herb Street

This place in Grand Canal Dock just has so many pancake options – blueberries pancakes with orange and honey butter, smoked salmon and crème fraiche or chocolate and whipped cream. Delish.

2. Yogism

All day breakfast in the form of grain, sugar and dairy free buckwheat-protein pancakes with Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt, fresh berries, cacao nibs and homemade nut butter. Seriously tasty and guilt free pancakes.

You should also try their sister restaurant, Tang on Dawson Street, for some equally delish pancakes. 


3. Queen of Tarts

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with a seasonal fruit compote and lashings of maple syrup – these pancakes seriously hit the spot!

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4. Brother Hubbard

Their Moroccan-style Semolina pancakes are absolutely perfect, served with ricotta crème, summer berry and rose compote, fresh mint and hazelnut-almond praline.


5. Metro Café

This traditional café on South William Street has a lovely laid back atmosphere, nab a table outside for some quality people watching while you eat your pancakes drowning in maple syrup.


6. Lemon & Co

With two locations on Dawson Street and South William Street you can get any kind of sweet or savoury toppings on a pancake, crepe or gluten free buckwheat pancake. The absolute winner has got to the the Power Plus crepe with spinach, cheddar, bacon, and garlic mayo – serious feed!

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