6 streets we'd like to see pedestrianised in Dublin

By Fiona Frawley

May 20, 2022 at 11:29am


Inspired by the long-awaited pedestrianisation of Capel Street.

Capel Street making its debut today as the largest traffic-free space in Dublin has us fantasising about a city where we frolic freely through the streets, dining al fresco and dancing on the pavements to the faint ding of the (free) Luas. Who knows, maybe we could go full on Venice and bop around town via gondola - DCC are mad for water sports after all.

Motorists, don't be mad - this is just a light-hearted, mostly based in fantasy round up of other streets we'd love to see pedestrianised in Dublin. Let us dream, please.

Dawson Street

Eating steak in the sun, sipping macchiatos by moonlight? There'd be a lot to be said for it.


Kildare Street

Dreaming of gallery exhibitions sprawling out onto the street, free for everyone to enjoy.

Wicklow Street

Ah, it's only small. G'wan, let us have it.


Parliament Street

As Parliament Street is technically Capel Street junior, it seems only right. The buzz outside Street 66 during the trial pedestrianisation last summer spoke for itself.

Exchequer Street


And while you're at it, reopen the Central Hotel. We want our cosy pints by the fire back.

South William Street

An obvious one, but with good reason. South William Street was the mecca of outdoor drinks and dining last summer, and like Capel Street enjoyed a trial pedestrianisation of its own. Also, now that project-drench-the-powerscourt-steps appears to have been abandoned, it's the prime spot to sit with a coffee and people watch.

Any other Dublin streets you'd like to see pedestrianised? Will we just go all out and do the M50 too?


Header image via Twitter/Nicky Ryan

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