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20th Dec 2016

7 Stunning Autumnal Walks To Try Around Dublin This Weekend


You only have to look around you at the moment to see just how stunning Dublin is looking as we move fully into Autumn. 

The weather might be getting colder but the scenery more than makes up for it.  

We are absolutely blessed that we have the seaside, numerous parks and mountains on our doorstep so we thought we’d pick out 7 of the very best so that you can go out and enjoy them this weekend!

Wrap up warm and remember that going for a big walk means you can happily eat loads of fatty food and drink a load of pints afterwards to celebrate! 


1. Bushy Park 

Walking through the huge trees and watching the leaves fall as they slowly turn brown is a magical experience. Do the full loop and you’ll see thick trees, the river, swans, people playing football and kids skateboarding. 

One of Dublin’s great parks. 

7 Stepping Stones
6 Bushy Park Gate
1 Cover Photo

2. Tibradden Mountain Trail

This is that nice mix of being doable when slightly hungover, having planned nothing AND rewarding with a sense of having actually done something with your weekend. 


Summit Joe King
Hangover Walk 2
Pic 10 Cairn 1

3. Cliff Walk Howth Head

We might even go as far as saying this is the best walk in the whole county

On a good day you’ll see everything around the bay as well as down into the village of Howth. It’s a 6km walk that raises up to 130m so it’s a bit challenging, but the good news is that at the end of it you’ll be able to enjoy the magic of Howth village and some epic seafood. 

Shutterstock 428876737
Shutterstock 120751066

4. The Dodder Walk

Weeping willows, weirs and wildlife, the Dodder has it all. The beauty of this walk is that you can do it as a whole or just dip in and out of the various bits as you see fit. 

Gorgeous scenery and wildlife at every stage. 

15 Viaduct
13 Rhino
11 Weir

5. St Anne’e Park 

One for people who might not have a car or way of getting to the further-out walks

Less than 15 minutes from the city centre, this is a perfect place to watch the seasons changing right in front of you. 

Great for dogs owners and lots of places to eat after the walk down on the seaside. 

Screen Shot 2016 10 22 At 10 25 07
Screen Shot 2016 10 22 At 10 26 22

6. Ardgillan Castle

Ardgillan Castle and Demesne truly is Ireland’s hidden gem, set in spectacular parklands overlooking the Irish Sea with a magnificent view of the Mourne Mountains. 

As well as the castle, the grounds feature a walled rose garden. Looks especially well at this time of year. 

Screen Shot 2016 05 30 At 19 02 09
Screen Shot 2016 05 30 At 19 16 49

7. Bray to Greystones cliff walk

The fantastic scenery here on one side and the raging sea on the other – an absolute classic, with the advantage of being able to get the train back, so you can keep walking for longer without having to turn around.

9 Path
8 Signpost
7 Railway


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