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21st Nov 2020

Arctic Stone is now doing insane hot chocolates

Alan Fisher

Arctic Stone is now doing insane hot chocolates.

Honestly, all I’ve be craving since the colder weather has crept in is to be at a Christmas market sipping a hot chocolate.

Although we won’t be getting Christmas markets this year, we can still indulge in some unreal hot chocolates.

Arctic Stone is well known for their exotic ice cream flavours but they are diving headfirst into the hot chocolate game this year.

They have released two flavours so far and wow.

Their first is “Melted Kinder Beuno Hot Chocolate!!”.

“Real Belgian Milk chocolate, with layers of melted kinder Beuno, with House made whipped cream, topped with chocolate flake and kinder Beuno Sauce.

It’s the 1st in our new range of Deluxe Hot Chocolates, and it’s gotta be tried ?”

Next up is ‘Melted Nutella hot Chocolate’.

“Real Belgian Milk Chocolate, with layers of Hot Nutella, house made whipped cream, topped with Flake, and More Hot Nutella!”

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