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18th Aug 2019

Seven Environmentally Friendly Restaurants In Dublin

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

One of the most covered topics across social media and news as of late is environmental sustainability.

People are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are trying to introduce environmentally-friendly practices into their everyday life. It’s great to see such a shift and to see conversations across the board. This has also passed onto the food industry and many restaurants are going green as a result.

Here are seven Dublin restaurants that you can dine in and do some good to the earth:

1. BuJo

BuJo is probably my favourite restaurant for many reasons, this being one.

They are leading the way in terms of sustainability and using environmentally-friendly products. All of their packaging is 100% compostable,  their electricity 100% renewable ( you should see the generator at the back, the air that goes into it comes out cleaner!) and even the staff uniforms are ethically sourced.

It is the only eatery of its kind to achieve a 3-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association and they also have vegan options on the menu including a Beyond Beef burger.

When you dine here you’ll really realise what the other places should be doing. Top that all off with some of the tastiest food around and you’re onto a winner.

BuJo has my heart.

2. The Iveagh Garden Hotel

Did you know that The Iveagh Garden Hotel is Europe’s first environmentally sustainable hotel?

I would have expected such hotels to be found in an eco-community surrounded by trees, lakes and mills but that’s what makes this place so impressive – you’d never guess it.

The stunning hotel can be found in the heart of the city. While creating this hotel, the standards were raised, new methods were developed, and energy performance was interlinked with consumption in order to take renewable energy and low carbon design to a whole new level. This entire venue is powered by an underground water source.

Their natural energy plant room uses electricity produced on site in a gas turbine that eliminate electrical energy loss from grid power as well as having an onsite gas turbine that produces hot water for hotel use which is stored on each floor close to ensuites and bathrooms. There are no emissions or harmful pollution created on site, only a small amount of energy is required to pump natural energy that already exists, and the standby system is only being used during servicing. Waste water is gravity operated with no pumping energy required. LED low power lighting is also in use throughout the hotel inside and outside, there are no standard bulbs to waste power while smart control prevents lighting unoccupied areas. Traditional power lifts removed are replaced by smart low energy lift systems to carry you to each floor.

They have just recently launched their new bar and bistro Elle’s that looks incredible. We’ll have to pop down for a food review soon.

Amazing stuff!

3. 3fe Coffee

3fe is one of the most popular coffee brands in Ireland right now, if not the most.

Sustainability has always been a part of their ethos, from ethically sourced beans and fair trade farmers. They roast their own beans on site and also have a weekly blog post centred around their sustainable practices, which is a really eye-opening and informative read.

Their food is sourced from local suppliers and they use their leftovers to make relishes, kimchi, fermented veg, stock and cake truffles.

Great work!

4. Lucky Tortoise

Lucky Tortoise is taking serious steps towards improving its ecological footprint. The team behind the pop-up turned permanent restaurant on Aungier Street has devoted significant time since opening to making the space an eco-conscious haven.

They are committed to reducing waste to a minimum while still offering everything that customers have come to expect. Environmental ventures begin with beverages with drinks available exclusively by tap with no bottles or cans used at any point in the chain of production.

They are also eradicating paper waste throughout with the menu being displayed on a chalkboard and email receipts. Lightbulbs throughout the restaurant are energy efficient, mirroring the restaurant’s recent switch to Panda Power – an entirely green energy supplier. Toilet paper and napkins have also been swapped out for compostable alternatives.

Following the successful launch of their new lunch menu, takeaway options have quickly become a midday favourite for those on the go. It’s only fitting that these to-go containers are compostable with the packaging. There’s plenty more in the pipeline, with the food waste, packaging and cleaning products next on the hit list.

Implementing this greener approach has been a labour of love for Lucky Tortoise restaurateur, Thom Lawson,

“I sincerely hope that other restaurants and businesses feel a little inspired by what we are trying our utmost to achieve and do the same. It is only when we as an industry rise up and demand that certain environmental standards be met that we will see real change. My approach is piecemeal but little by little we are making strides to make this city a little bit better. That’s really what it’s all about.”

I adore Lucky T and this conscious effort is so lovely to see.

5. Overends Kitchen

Airfield Estate is one of the most stunning places in the city to go for brunch.

The darling farm located in Dundrum grows various herbs, veg and fruit grown in its own gardens. Any of the food waste goes back into compost or animal feeding. Growing the food fresh on site means no delivery truck emissions, no plastic wrapping waste and no factory gases.

On site they have sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and cows – expect to see their milk and eggs woven through your brunch menu. The freshest food made in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

What more could you want?

6. The Fumbally Cafe

The Fumbally is a hipster haven in the best way possible.

All of their food is locally sourced and they are big on eco-friendly cafe methods. They make all of their own vinegars and juices, sunflower milk. Coffee grinds are donated to a community garden in Kilmainham.

7. Beehive Coffee

The artisan coffee revolution is in full grind, and the latest addition to Dublin’s coffee scene, Beehive Cafe, is absolutely adorable.

A portable coffee shop built around a bike (they strive to be environmentally friendly), Beehive Cafe is situated outside Booterstown Dart Station to keep commuters caffeinated, but we reckon it’s well worth travelling to for their coffee beans alone.

With fresh coffee from a Slovak plantage in Colombia, the beans are 100% Arabica for a smooth and silky coffee, and the owner, who is an expert barista, provides organic Slovakian honey from local producers as a sweetener instead of processed sugar.

Time to put your green foot forward!