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17th Nov 2023

Have you noticed Ireland’s ‘skinniest’ house?

Emily Mullen

Truly slim pickings for housing these days

Ironically located on Long Lane, off Camden Street, this little house is actually a complete accident. Reflected in its number, the little house sits beside 19 and 20, 19A is the only house in the row of redbrick terraces with a letter attached to it.

Built in the early 1900c, the little house is actually a complete accident- the builders started building at either end of the street, and when they met in the middle they realised there was a sizeable chunk left. The entrepreneurial builders spotted an opportunity and slotted the house into the site. Less than 2m in width, the space just about fitted a house into the site and the ‘slimmest’ house was born. Despite it’s diminutive size at one point in the 1950s the house was shockingly home to a family of 12.

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Over the years the little house has garnered a lot of attention and indeed it has an interesting listing history. In 2013 it was placed on the market for €136,000, with a large jump seen in 2019 when it was re-listed for €285,000. In 2020 it was once again on the market with a €199,000 price tag before being placed on the market two years later for €250,000. Most recently it hit the market in March 2023 with the not-so-little price tag of €235,000.

Photos from Buckley Real Estate show that the little house has gone through extensive renovation. Inside, it’s modern and bright with plenty of colour pops, despite being just 32sq m (344sq ft) in size. The house sleeps four people, with a bunk bed in the small entrance hall and a double bed in the converted attic, the space also has a bathroom, galley kitchen and a yard with a patio with a shed at the end.

The location of the house is hard to beat, on a residential street smack bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle, with Portobello and Camden Street nearby and incredible transport links just a stone’s throw away.

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