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PICS: This Is What You’re Having For Brunch This Weekend – Mad Yolks

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With the fine weather we’ve been having lately, you don’t want to waste your time indoors sweating buckets.

We’re asking you – neigh – we are demanding that you head to a market for some morning glory grub this weekend and if you have any sort of sense, you will check out this mouth-watering place in Raheny.

Standing proudly in Red Stables Market in St. Anne’s Park is Mad Yolks where the food makes us wish everyday was Saturday.

Serving from 10am-4pm on Saturdays, Mad Yolks have some tasty stacked egg sandwiches which are going for the insanely cheap prices of €6.50 to €7.

Just have a look at these beautiful things:

It’s run by two Dublin brothers, Hugh and Eoin, who – as you can defo tell – have a shared love of the humble egg.

“After yet another late night of totally coherent discussions about our plans for the future, Mad Yolks was born. The idea was simple. Gourmet egg sandwiches, made with free range eggs and locally sourced ingredients,” they said.

Once the idea was in place, they decided to create a menu that “would bring the traditional breakfast staple beyond the realm of the morning to mid-afternoon brunch.”

The egg is the centerpiece of every sandwich, making it the start of the show.

You don’t want to be the only one of your friends not to try this out. Seriously, you’d just be left with egg on your face.

Tbh, you’d be a mad yolk yourself not to head here on Saturday.

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