Our 14 top cocktail spots to check out in Dublin

By Katy Thornton

May 12, 2023 at 4:14pm


A day to celebrate espresso martinis and strawberry daiquiris.

Every year on May 13th, cocktail enthusiasts around the world come together to celebrate World Cocktail Day. This special occasion honours the art of mixology, from classic concoctions to innovative creations. Cocktails have become an integral part of socialising, dining, and enjoying life's moments of indulgence.

To ring in World Cocktail Day 2023, we thought we'd pull together a list of our absolute top spots for a cocktail in Dublin.

14. l'Gueuleton

Location: Fade Street

While l'Gueuleton is primarily known for its French-inspired cuisine, it also offers a well-crafted selection of cocktails to complement the dining experience, making it an ideal stop off spot this World Cocktail Day. The bar at l'Gueuleton features a range of classic and contemporary cocktails, expertly mixed by skilled bartenders.

13. Xico

Location: Baggot Street

For frozen margaritas, there's no better place than Xico. The popular Mexican-themed bar is known for its vibrant atmosphere and impressive selection of tequilas and mezcal, making it an ideal spot for drinks in Dublin, especially over World Cocktail Day.

12. Brickyard

Location: Balally

Recently renovated, Brickyard is now even more of a class spot for cocktails than it was before. It has a great atmosphere, the perfect balance between buzzy, while also not being too loud, allowing you and your pals a proper catch up over pornstar martinis.

Image via Instagram / Brickyard

11. Hang Dai

Location: Camden Street 


Hang Dai is described as a "futuristic, retro, fun, contemporary Chinese/Asian restaurant and music bar" that has the perfect mix of delicious Asian food as well as some killer cocktails, making it a top location, and definitely one of the best spots in Dublin for food and a boogie.

10. The Woollen Mills

Location: Ormond Quay Lower

The bar at The Woollen Mills serves an impressive selection of cocktails if you find yourself north of the Liffey this World Cocktail Day. Whether you're in the mood for a whiskey-based drink, a fruity concoction, or a refined classic, The Woollen Mills offers a range of cocktails to enhance your dining and drinking experience in Dublin.

9. Happy's Bar

Location: Aston Quay

Whether you're popping in for a tipple, or engaging in their themed drag bottomless brunch, Happy's Bar is a class spot just off Temple Bar for a cocktail. They serve full moon style cocktail buckets, giving you a truly unique cocktail experience in Dublin.

8. Drury Buildings

Location: Drury Street

Another top location for some cocktails is in Drury Buildings, within the vibrant Creative Quarter of the city. A popular spot for some food and a boogie, this award-winning bar does a selection of curated handcrafted cocktails.

7. Zozimus

Location: Anne Street South


One of my top spots, especially following on from the pandemic and take-away drinks, Zozimus prides itself on its innovative mixology techniques and the use of high-quality ingredients. You can expect a diverse and creative selection of cocktails that cater to different tastes and preferences.

6. Peruke and Periwig

Location: Dawson Street

At Peruke and Periwig, you can expect a unique and eclectic experience that blends elements of a traditional pub with a sophisticated cocktail bar. The establishment aims to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era, with antique furnishings, vintage decor, and a warm and inviting setting, perfect for a cosy night of catching up over some drinks.

5. Taphouse

Location: Ranelagh

One of my favourite bars in Dublin is the Taphouse, and they have a great cocktail menu that's varied and relatively affordable, starting at just €10.50 (plus they're delicious).

4. 9 Below

Location: St. Stephen's Green

9 Below is a very cool little spot with an even cooler drinks menu - all pop-culture inspired. Their burn book-esque menu and cocktails are sure to impress.

3. Candlelight Bar

Multiple Locations 


One of the most beautiful cocktail bars in Dublin has to be Candlelight bar, which is apart of Siam Thai Restaurant. While the drinks are more premium here, and the price reflects that, they have such a wide variety of cocktails to choose from, and have some of the most creative concoctions you'll encounter in the city.


Location: Aston Quay

This Berlin-style dive bar with does a range of premium cocktails, starting from €11, which for Dublin is not bad at all.

Image via Instagram / RIOT

1. 1661 Bar

Location: Green Street

1661 Bar being number one on our list should come as no surprise, they have a strong reputation in Dublin as being one of the best places for cocktails, and even won bar of the year in all of Ireland in 2022.

Header images via Instagram / Candlelight Bar / Taphouse


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