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20th Dec 2016

The Best Late Bars In Dublin For Over-25s In 2016


We all reach that age when the absolutely mental clubbing scene just doesn’t appeal – or maybe it does, but we’d rather do it in the company of men and women who are… actually men and women. 

But where oh where are the late bars where you won’t be surrounded by youngsters? I’m glad you asked, older crowd. 

Here’s this year’s list… 

1. The Black Door 

At The Black Door you get an upstairs bar that’s quite intimate, and a spacious downstairs bar with deliciously comfy couches. 

Sip on fine wines and world famous gins at this establishment, without having to worry about pesky youths.

Black Door

2. The Dean

At this spot you’ll have beautiful surroundings and stunning rooftop views of the city. 

Yes, you’ll find a strong contingent of D4s, but they’re sound… generally.

The Dean

3. 37 Dawson St

Here’s an opulent late bar and food emporium, equipped with a whisky bar and fine cocktails. 

There’s a nice mix of dance floors and seating areas, which serves as a refuge for those of us born without the ability to dance. 


4. Zozimus

The place off of Anne’s Lane with the umbrellas – sound familiar? It’s got a delightful ambiance with both indoor and outdoor areas, and the cocktails are high class. 

Also, it looks gorgeous.


5. The Front Lounge

A vibrant and cosy gay bar, with whitewashed stone walls displaying colourful pieces from local artists. 

There are DJs on every weekend, so you’re guaranteed a lively night out.

Front Lounge

6. Drury Buildings

Go here to avoid the younger crowd and revel in the New York interior.

They even serve tasty a la carte bites until 10.30pm on the weekends – get here early and go to town on some artisanal snacks with your booze.


7. House

House occupies two Georgian Townhouses on Leeson Street, and their over-25 policy is very real. There’s no fear of seeing any young ones wandering the place on a late Friday or Saturday. 


8. Farrier And Draper

You just feel fancier when you step into this place. Smack in the middle of Powerscourt, here’s a spot where you definitely won’t find the young ‘uns spending much time.

The upstairs rooms have plenty of snug couches and chairs to unwind in, and the drinks are simply gorgeous. 

You’ll find a DJ playing as the night gets later on, and often times even a saxophone player meandering through the bar to up the vibes. 


9. The Jar 

Not only does The Jar serve up delicious wood-fired Base pizza, it’s also a hopping spot for a late night outing. 

The Wexford Street bar is dark, cosy, mature, and it’s got a huge drinks menu – what more could you ask for?


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