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20th Feb 2024

These are the 12 best margaritas in Dublin city centre

Katy Thornton

best margaritas dublin

Is there anything better than an icy, salty and bitter margarita after a long day’s work?

February 22nd is officially National Margarita Day, and if you’re partial to the tequila based cocktail, you might be in the mood to celebrate. 

Margaritas are the kind of drink you crave with an unquenchable thirst until you’re seven deep and questioning your entire life.

The combination of tequila, triple sec (usually), lime/lemon and salt/sugar is legendary – regular or frozen, you do you.

The Dublin city centre is packed with bars and restaurants serving them up, salt rim and lime in tow, so if you’re in need of a post-work tipple, or plan to travel in following a cabin-fever inducing WFH day, then these are our top picks for your commemorative margarita, for the day that’s in it of course.

12. Little Pyg Terrace

Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, more info here

This may be the baby bro to Little Pyg and Pygmalion, but LPT has a sophisticated feel after hours, whether you’re ordering a glass of wine so big your face could fit in it, or a crisp and fresh cocktail. The margs here are to die for, heavily coated with salt chips so there’s no way to avoid that sharp taste, and with that addictive quality that has you coming back for more and more. A go-to hideout following a day of 9-5ing.

They open Wednesday through to Sunday until late.

best margaritas dublin

11. The Fourth Corner

Patrick Street, Dublin 8, more info here

This much loved Dublin 8 spot has an amazing moody atmosphere, one where the music doesn’t kill your eardrums and allows you to actually have that lil catch up with friends without having to kill your vocal chords. Better still, it sells some top notch margaritas, with a two for one offer on the classic variation in honour of National Margarita Day.

In fact, The Fourth Corner has always been a spot that celebrated the tequila based drink, even known to partake in Margarita Mondays with the same 2 4 1 deal. One cocktail costs you €12, so you’re getting two margs for €6 each – a bargain in today’s economy.

10. MASA

Drury Street & Camden Street, Dublin 2, more info here

Don’t be fooled by the more casual glassware, MASA’s four margarita variations pack a serious punch, whether you’re into a bitta spice and opt for the jalapeno and coriander (apologies to all who are triggered by the little green herb) or bring your love of iced lattes into your cocktail game and go for the frozen edition. The margs at MASA are made with Blanco tequila, although you can add mezcal for an additional €1.

A word of warning, these bad boys are very easy to neck, so maybe keep count to avoid a sore head on Friday morning. Or just load up on Mexican bravas and tacos to ensure good soakage.

best margaritas dublin

9. Fade Street Social 

Fade Street, Dublin 2, more info here

Slap bang in the middle of, you guessed it, Fade Street, is one of our favourite spots for a cocktail and a spot of people watching. It’s the combo of dreams, and they also do a mean marg. Sitting at €13.50, the Dylan McGrath variation of this decadent drink opts for Don Julio for a more premium beverage, accompanied by triple sec and of course, fresh lime that’s not just for show.

Open late everyday, Fade Street Social is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a margarita.

8. No Name 

Fade Street, Dublin 2, more info here 

Beside Fade Street Social comes the ever ominous Bar With No Name, a go-to location for drinks and a boogie, the later into the evening it gets. Self proclaimed as Dublin’s worst kept secret, they also do a mango inspired version of a margarita that you won’t be able to stop thinking about once you’ve tried it.

The Mangorita is made with Absolut mango vodka , Olmeca tequila, fresh lime and passion fruit purée, and has been described as sunshine in a glass, which comes in handy seeing as our sunshine is generally hiding behind a thick puff of clouds. Just be careful trekking down the stairs on your way out – a couple of margs in and things could get dicey there.

best margaritas dublin

7. MeMa’s

Rotunda, Dublin 1, more info here 

We’re keeping on the fruit theme with MeMa’s, who have opted for a Watermelon Smash Special. Made with chilli tequila, fresh watermelon, habanero syrup, lime, and most importantly, love, this Dublin bar provides all the funky vibes befitting on National Margarita Day. If you’d prefer to stick with the mango flavour that just pairs with tequila so well, you can opt for their Tropic Thunder, which is a marg made with triple sec, mango syrup, lime, and chilli tequila. However, the special watermelon marg is only €8, unheard of for a cocktail in Dublin, and €4 cheaper than their mango edition, so given its limited edition status, that’s what we’d be going for.

6. Farrier & Draper

South William Street, Dublin 2, more info here

Naturally being based within Powerscourt Shopping Centre, Farrier & Draper feels about as cosmopolitan as cocktail bars go, a fine choice for that margarita craving, particularly due to the day that’s in it.

Plus, it’s two for €16 cocktails at Farrier & Draper Sunday to Thursday, which ties in well with this Thursday-falling National Margarita Day.

best margaritas dublin

5. El Silencio

Clarendon Market, Dublin 2, more info here

One of Dublin’s many hidden gems is El Silencio, so much of a secret they don’t even have a website or a phone number. If you are in the know however, the margaritas from El Silencio are truly authentic, coming in that perfect pale green that’s almost yellow liquid that have your saliva ducts flooding just upon seeing one.

While we’ve established glassware doesn’t necessarily matter, the traditional cocktail glass, reminiscent of an upside down sombrero, and a variant of the classic champagne coupe, in this case does only add to the experience, allowing you to really cup your margarita as you sip.

There are a few different variations of margarita when you arrive, so if you’re into the fruitier versions, don’t be afraid to ask.

4. Ukiyo

Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, more info here

Anything Ukiyo puts their mind to, they thrive at. Undoubtedly one of the city’s best spots for sushi, the shake and stir game at this Dublin 2 restaurant is also nothing to turn your nose up at. While the barmen get creative with their masterpieces, they also do all the usual suspects cocktails too, and that includes the margarita.

Never one to stick too much to tradition however, with their drinks, or their sushi, Ukiyo’s marg of choice is a spicy one, made with Don Julio, triple sec, lime chilli, coriander, and Japanese spice togarashi for an extra kick.

Ukiyo is a self-proclaimed melting pot of food, cocktails, disco dancing and efficient service, making it a flawless option for sinking some cocktails post-work.

best margaritas dublin

3. 777

South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, more info here

An obvious choice for a reason, 777 is a go to for many for all things Mexican, and is therefore naturally one of the best spots in Dublin for a margarita, no matter what way you take it. Margarita Monday has passed us by, but these guys worship at the altar of tequila seven days a week.

Choose from their classic house marg or the 777 margarita especial, the dragon negra, the lobo verde, the marg del fumo or the mi cobra mas sexy. The list goes on, and one thing is for certain, there isn’t another Dublin restaurant with as many margarita variations as this.

2. El Grito 

Multiple locations, more info here

Best known for their affordable taco offering, El Grito, now with three Dublin locations, is a Lovin team favourite for the classic cocktail that is a margarita, and not just because they’re jumping on the bargain band-wagon and doing 2 for 1. What better way to ring in this celebratory day than a drinks deal, and five tacos for €12.50. Whether you’re close to their Rathmines, Jervis, or Mountjoy Square locaysh, we hope you manage to get a table.

We anticipate some seriously sore heads for people going into Friday morning meetings.

1. Love Tempo

Thomas Street, Dublin 8, more info here

The newest bar on this list, and dare we say the best for the salt, tequila, lime combo?

Love Tempo, from the people behind The Big Romance and Mother, came together to launch this new bar on Thomas Street in November 2023, and it’s already made a name for itself as a class spot for some choonz, cosy candlelit tables, and walls filled top to toe of Irish art, not to mention its giant disco ball and impressive sound system. Sure what better setting for a margarita, eh?

Getting a booking has been rather tricky given the popularity of Love Tempo, but hey, God loves a trier.

Know of any magnificent margaritas? Please do let us know at [email protected].


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