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08th Nov 2019

This Little Restaurant Is My Favorite Date Spot In Dublin

Alan Fisher

It ain’t always easy to find a good place for a date.

I mean, there are endless options in Dublin.

Loads of places you could go but is the atmosphere good? Music giving you good vibes?

Basically, are all the key elements there.

Well, for me 777 on George’s Street is up there with the best.

There is just something about it.

First of all, they do tapas which means you can grab as many different little bits and share them. This is always a nice touch on a date.

But loads of places to tapas so what else?

Well, the music is always perfect. You could be sitting there listening to a bit of old school RnB which gives you the perfect atmosphere.

On top of that, in my experience, the staff are always so friendly. In the most positive way possible, they aren’t afraid to have a little chat and buzz with you.

We got so friendly we the last bartender he started making us special cocktails.

The cocktails are always something to have a bit of craic with too. There are a few spicy options on the menu that are fun to try.

All in all, I just think the atmosphere in the little restaurant is always buzzing and the perfect spot for a date.