The top 10 places to watch the World Cup in Dublin

By Lovin Dublin

November 28, 2022 at 4:07pm


As we find ourselves in the midst of the World Cup, with each blow of the whistle the stakes get higher, the anticipation grows and the enjoyment builds

Across the capital this week people are pulling their respective hairs out over the results of the sweepstake, buying replica jerseys and reading up on Brazil's super attack. Football is of course best enjoyed out with friends in a lively atmosphere which is why we decided to put together this list of the top 10 places to watch the football in Dublin this year...

10th. Hogans

South Great George's Street

Set in a lovely roomy old building off George's Street, Hogans is a great shout for a World Cup meet-up. They have a double-sided bar and plenty of nooks and crannies for groups of all sizes.

9th. The Goat Bar & Grill

14 Kilmacud Road Lower

Probably one of the best-known sporting pubs in Dublin. What makes the Goat extra special is the wonderful food, the family atmosphere and the cracking table service.

8th. The Camden

84-87 Camden Street


A certain vintage amongst us will remember The Camden in one of its earlier iterations as the go-to student nightclub, The Palace. It's undergone a revamp from 5 lamps brewery which have managed to unstick the floor- fair play. You can't move for screens in the place, with every inch of the place pixelated.

7th. The Bleeding Horse

24-25 Camden Street Upper

Set on the top of Camden Street, the Bleeding Horse is a real destination pub to watch the match in. A great shout if you want a bit of peace while watching the match, as you can sit up at the bar, and enjoy a quiet pint and some solid bar food.

6th. The Back Page

199 Phibsborough Road

A Dublin 7 institution, The Back Page is a good shout if you have a big group (just be sure to get there early enough). There's always a good atmosphere in there- alongside a great bite to eat.


5th. The WoolShed


The Parnell Centre

This is not just the best place to watch the World Cup in Dublin but pretty much any sport going. You'll find loads of TVs, huge screens, and jugs of beer and the typically enthusiastic crowd make for an incredible atmosphere. The highlight has to be the terraced seating but it gets super busy so get here early.

4th. The Arlington Hotel

23-25 Bachelors Walk

You'll not find a bigger screen in Dublin and with the volume cranked up and lots of bars this place might be busy but you'll not care because even after the matches finish there is live music as well to keep it all going.

3rd. The Boar's Head

149 Capel Street

A great pub for any kind of sport that's airing, it got a nice relaxed and inclusive atmosphere, with no one going too mad! It has a couple of big screens, and a relaxed conversation with other bar-goers is par for the course.



2nd. Sinnotts

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

You know a place is going to be good for watching football when they even think about putting a TV outside on the main street for smokers so as they don't miss any action. Huge downstairs bar with commentary up loud, a cracking atmosphere for most games and great staff.

1st. The Living Room

Cathal Brugha Street

Unofficially considered to be one of the city's best sports bars, it boasts one of the biggest beer gardens and outdoor screens in Europe. You are more likely than not going to get a seat there and get swept up in the party atmosphere there.


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