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20th Dec 2022

‘We won’t give up’ BSkewers close in Temple Bar after just two months

Katy Thornton

bskewers temple bar

Bad news for BBQ lovers.

After closing on Bolton Street, barbecue spot BSkewers launched in Temple Bar at the end of October. Their new restaurant boasted capacity for up to 60 people, as well as an extensive menu where true carnivores could find heavenly bliss.

However, after just two months open on Crow Street, BSkewers took to Instagram to share they have had to close their Temple Bar location.

In an Instagram statement, BSkewers said this of their abrupt closure:

“All of our loyalty customers that have been following us over the last 3 years knows that BSkewers is everything for us, so we won’t give up.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen issues in our new location on Temple Bar over the last few weeks, is with tears in our eyes that we made the very hard decision to close BSkewers from today the 18th of December. We believe our well-being and healthy, together with family comes first, so we will look after ourselves, recharge and decide what’s next!”

While they don’t elaborate on the reason behind their Temple Bar closure, many Dublin restaurants have been struggling in recent months. This is sadly not the first spot that has had to close shortly after opening.

Back in August, Vegan Sandwich Co announced the closure of their Rathmines’ branch just months after launching, before revealing they were shutting down all three restaurants.

Let’s hope to see BSkewers back very soon in the New Year.

Header image via Instagram/bskewersbbq

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