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28th Oct 2022

‘After weeks of hard work’ BSkewers has launched a new location in Temple Bar

Katy Thornton

bskewers temple bar

A carnivore’s dream.

After BSkewers BBQ and Bar closed at the end of September, Dublin was left with a big BBQ filled hole in its heart. But all was not lost, as they quickly revealed that they were opening a new spot. We had no idea where they were heading, but they didn’t keep us waiting too long thankfully, announcing their new spot today.

BSkewers has launched its new location on Crow Street, Temple Bar, opening this weekend for all the meat fanatics in the city centre. Their new restaurant boasts capacity for 60 people, as well as an extensive menu where true carnivores can find heavenly bliss. And as their name would suggest, they love to skewer everything. It is a scientific fact that everything tastes better on a stick – we don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is.

BSkewers are open all weekend at their new Temple Bar spot, and booking is already available HERE.

Header image via Instagram/bskewersbbq

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