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We’ve Got A €200 Voucher For Hang Dai To Give Away — Does Anyone Out There Fancy It?!

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We’re starting to develop a bit of a reputation as feeders, because once again we want to treat you to a feast the like of which you’ll never forget! 

Would you like that? Course you would.

The heartburn and indigestion relief experts at Rennie have kindly given us a €200 voucher for Hang Dai on Camden Street to bestow upon one lucky winner, where they’ll be able to enjoy sumptuous delights like Sweet & Sour Monkfish With Charred Pineapple, Cured Salmon Crispy Pancake Pieces & Wasabi Cream and Wood Roasted Rib-Eye With Wild Rice & Black Garlic Glaze.

Let us tempt you with a glimpse of what you could win…

Sea Bream With Leek, Mangetout, Chilli & Fried Garlic

Pork Dumplings

Duck Yuk Sung

Spicy Chilli Chicken Peanuts

Braised Pork Belly, Butternut Squash & Cabbage

Even the DECOR looks savage

Not half bad, eh?

So, how can you get a chance to win this amazing prize?

Simply visit Rennie’s Facebook page by clicking on the box below!

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