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20th Dec 2016

LOVIN ADVENT: Treat Yourself To A €100 Jule Gift Voucher And A Dermalogica Hamper Worth €160


Never before has the phrase treat yo’self been so relevant…

In the season that calls for us to give, give, give to everyone around us, it is time for you to give something back to yourself. 

And if you’re feeling selfless and can think of someone who would absolutely love this, it would make for the perfect Christmas gift!


With three locations around Dublin, and one in Meath, Jule offers hand crafted spa packages for different types of people. 

Does Vata sound like you? Do you have cold hands and feet, like warmth and have dry skin and hair? They have crafted the perfect spa package to combat these problems, which includes a warm essential oils foot soak, head massage and a hot stone arm and leg massage with eucalyptus oil. 

They also cater for Kapha and Pitta types, and offer loads of other spa treatments. Find out what type of person you are here.

Whether you’re looking for manicures, pedicures, waxing, make-up, tan, lashes or something a little more relaxing, this competition is definitely for you.