WIN! Lunch For Your Office This Friday

€200 worth of food? Yes, please!

Deliveroo 2

Deliveroo arrived in Dublin last year, and since then our office have adopted a Deliveroo Friday tradition - Bold Friday. 

It's the perfect app for lazy office workers (like us!) who want a good feed but don't want to trek out into the elements. 

Deliveroo 2

How does Deliveroo work?

Simply go to their site, enter your full address and search through the long list of available restaurants. A few clicks and decisions later, and you are good to go. 

Deliveroo promises to get you your feed in around 32 minutes. So it's a bit of a no brainer! Roll on Friday...

Deliveroo 1 2

So does €200 worth of food for your office sound like something you'd like?

Thought so! Enter below. 

Check out terms and conditions here

Written By

Anna Nolan

Anna's world revolves around three things: food, food and more food! #FitFam