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20th Dec 2016

21 Amazing Pictures From Today’s Dublin Marathon


We had a hard time getting out of bed this morning with the weather in Dublin, never mind running a marathon.

Thousands put us to shame today by running 26 miles around the city in driving wind and rain.

The course was also lined with people urging the runners on, and no matter what time people got,or what position they finished, we think they’re all heroes, especially with many running for charity.

Go and have a well earned drink in a warm cosy pub and rest those feet!

It might’ve been horrible weather, but the crowds taking part were huge

And there was even the odd ray of sun

Some preferred to watch on from the comfort of home

The runners made their way through the Phoenix Park

Some found it easier going than others

While some of the elite athletes went passed in a flash

Everybody taking part was putting in some serious effort

As if running a marathon wasn’t hard enough, some made it even harder on themselves

Some people taking part had some serious competition

The pain felt endless for some

Many were taking part to raise money for charity

Many did it with their running clubs

Or with their best friends

Even our four legged friends were out supporting the runners

Some started to slow at the 24 mile marker but were determined to finish

And eventually, there was light at the end of the tunnel

All across the city, they ran through the rain

Some had a better view than others

The supporters came out in the rain to cheer everybody on

Once finished, most headed for a well earned drink with their medals

Well done to every single person involved. Incredible achievement

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