9 Costume Shops in Dublin You'll Need If You're Stuck This Week

Because there's more than just that one beside The Gaiety


Halloween has quickly sprung upon us so quickly that we're rather unprepared... and we don't really know how we've let that happen AGAIN.

Cue frantic shopping, last-minute online costume ordering and attempting to squeeze into a costume from your teens to only realise you actually look terrifying... and not in a good way.

But, never fear! Dublin is filled with shops galore to fulfil your ensemble needs.

1. Fun Place Ltd, 52 South King Street

Yes, the one beside The Gaiety.

These guys go all out and at pretty reasonable prices, which is pretty rare for costume shops. Every costume category you could dream of... even Christmas themed, who knew?

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2. Fancy Dress Store, Rockford House, Deansgrange Road, Blackrock

This place boasts an amazingly vast array of costumes, from kids to couples to teens to stag nights. And, conveniently, a whole Halloween section to choose from too.

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3. MONTO Vintage, Parnell Street

A vintage store by trade, MONTO – along with many other vintage stores this time of year – tends to hold onto a huge amount of previously loved costumes to sell on for cheap as Halloween garb.

Don't believe me? Check out their Facebook page for proof.

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4. Lucy's Lounge

Same goes for Lucy's Lounge as it is technically a vintage shop, but it sure packs a punch costume-wise around Halloween. Think anything from T-Bird jackets to fake cigarettes, this quirky little spot has it all.

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5. The Costume Shop, St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre is a treasure box for Halloween costumes (even if some of them aren't intentional).

Head straight to the first floor and look for The Costume Shop. They have an absolutely vast selection of costumes to please your imagination or give you even more ideas. to play around with. The best part? Affordable prices! Winning.

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6. Banana Tree, Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Already have a costume and just need a few additions to completely kill it in front of your mates?

Well, just across the Costume Shop is the Banana Tree, a trendy, quirky generally nice smelling shop in which you can buy anything from UV nail varnish to John Lennon glasses to fairy wings.

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7. ASHA, St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Didn't I tell you St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre was a hub for all things Hallows Eve?

Located on the second floor, ASHA is the spot to buy really out-there Halloween accessories to give your outfit that kick. Inside you will find contact lenses of every description, fake blood, and enough black PVC to make a stripper jealous.

Click here for map. We didn't want to use the same picture three times in a row, so here's a photo of a baby dressed as a taco.

costumes 1

8. The Disney Store, 60-61 Grafton Street

If you're looking for stuff to suit and boot the little ones in, or the more petite of you – or if you've just got a serious budget that needs blowing – then the Disney Store has you covered.

Also a great spot for adults to pick up anything from fairy wands to lightsabers to Mickey Mouse ears to Iron Man masks.

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9. Celebrations Party Shop, 70 Middle Abbey Street

Like every other joke shop in the country, this party shop has stocked up on the goods needed to make a scary, sexy and spooky Hallows Eve all round.

Head down to Celebrations to play around with everything from Wilma Flintstone to Robin Hood.

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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin. T: @katedemolder / kate@lovin.com