A 'Pop Up Gaeltacht' Is Coming To This Clarendon Street Pub

Ar fheabhas ar fad!

Pop Up Gaeltacht

Lovers of our native tongue, unite! There's now a social event that caters just for you: the Pop Up Gaeltacht.

Taking place on November 24 at Bar Rua, the occasion is set to take place monthly at a different venue every time.

Bar Rua Main
Rua Sign

Here you'll meet like-minded Irish speakers who you can have the chats as Gaeilge with, and a few cheeky pintíns while you're at it. 

Over 200 people have already expressed interest in the Facebook event, so you can expect a decent crowd of Gaelgeoirs to be in attendance. 

Finally, a safe place to share our love of Irish memes.

Jaws Meme
Sean Bean Meme
Mila Meme

You'll find the Pop Up Gaeltacht at Bar Rua on November 24. 

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