Dublin's Skyline Is Saved! ESB Says It's Going To Preserve (And Paint) Our Beloved Poolbeg Chimneys



Well thank goodness for this.

Having previously hinted at their demolition, ESB Networks today released a statement detailing its plans to keep and maintain the iconic Poolbeg chimneys.

Last year, the semi-state body hinted at the demolition of the chimneys, given that maintaining the 207m-high structures was not the best use of its resources – however, the public outcry was significant enough to bring about a reconsideration.

The company isn't wasting any time either – it said that work would begin later this week, and would include painting the towers as well as covering them with metal caps to prevent rain getting inside.

These maintenance works will protect the chimneys while more extensive works, such as painting and sealing the concrete outer shell, will be evaluated in the coming years.

ESB spokesperson

Well, we can all breathe easily now.

And hey... there's no better time to revisit this classic video...

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Aidan Coughlan