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23rd May 2017

Everybody Could Learn Something From This Dublin Cafe’s Kind Gesture


In times of horror, tiny glimpses of hope and humanity is what keeps us going. 

And this act of utter decency and generosity from Bang Bang in Phibsborough has floored us. Check out the gorgeous act of humanity they shared on Facebook today. 

The post in its entirety says:

”We’ve got these in the shop but aren’t sure how to let people know…. we’re going to always have one just hanging inside the door, if you need it just take it xxx

It’s a backpack with things in it that people finding things tough, living homeless, or in some other difficultly may find useful. It’s got dry high energy foods, socks, toiletries, water, towels, clean wipes, a hat and gloves and some other things.

They were put together by a wonderful young girl to help people in the city”

A bag of survival pieces – for anyone who needs it. 

How wonderful. 

We sincerely hope that other cafés follow suit and act as beautifully as Bang Bang have. 

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