Forget The Umbrella, And Grab The Sunnies – We're In For A SCORCHER Today

It might not look it right now, but it's going to be a cracker

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If you've already looked out the window this morning, you may be somewhat dubious about this headline – it's grey, it's gloomy, the ground is wet and the world looks like a rather sad place.

But alas! According to Met Éireann, your initial instincts would be wrong.

The current clouds will clear by the early morning, paving the way for an absolutely gorgeous day.

According to the Met Éireann website, in the forecast for the capital:

Cloud will break and there'll be good sunshine by afternoon. Highest temperatures 17 to 20 degrees, warmest well away from the coast. Winds will be light to moderate northeasterly.

Was that... was that a temperature that started with a 2?

Why yes, yes it was.

Start slapping on that suncream, people. We're in for a scorcher.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan