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20th Dec 2016

There’s A Slick New Seating Area On South William St – And It Could Be The First Of Many In Dublin


This is very, very slick.

From Dublin City Council Beta Projects – the people who brought us painted traffic light boxes and much-feted bike hangars – comes another really excellent idea that we’re really hoping to see make it beyond the experimental stage.

Located on one of the busiest and most energetic streets in the city, this ‘parklet’ was constructed by the Council over the last week, and it provides a place to sit, relax, read and watch the world go by with a coffee in your hand.

So get in touch with the council here with your feedback, and get your friends to do the same – in a city where public seating is all too rare, we really hope we’ll be seeing more of these pop up in future!

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Photos via Dublin City Council Beta Projects on Facebook