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20th Dec 2016

Watch Your Childhood Favourite ‘The NeverEnding Story’ On The Big Screen In A Church


I think we can all agree The NeverEnding Story was class.

Well, now you’ve got the chance to catch the childhood favourite on the big screen at this special Halloween showing… in a church.

The story revolves around a kid called Bastian, who ducks into a bookshop to avoid bullies and finds a novel called The NeverEnding Story. In the book, he reads about the land of Fantasia, a destructive darkness known ‘The Nothing’, and he even finds a description of himself, making him question if Fantasia might just be real…

Edge of the seat stuff, right there.

Come to screening organised by The Pictures and indulge in nostalgia so good, you’ll be more satisfied than Falcor getting rubbed behind the ears.


And as you can see, that’s pretty damn satisfied

Better act fast if you want tickets though, as the early birds are already sold out. Individual tickets are €12, but if you book in groups of four, they’re just €8.75 each. Buy your tickets here.

This is an all ages event, children are welcome accompanied by an adult. Please note (because it’s in a church), no food or drink is allowed in the building.

The screening takes place at Dublin Unitarian Church, 112 St. Stephen’s Green West, on October 23 at 7.30pm.

Can’t quite remember The NeverEnding Story? Remind yourself by checking out the trailer below.