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01st Jun 2021

“More facilities” will be in place in the city centre this weekend

James Fenton

Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has stated that “more facilities” will be in place in Dublin City Centre this weekend.

Opinion was divided after crowds gathered in the city centre last weekend, with people shocked by the litter-filled streets left behind and Dublin City Council also facing criticism for not providing additional toilets or bins.

After earlier denying reports that some streets could be temporarily closed in order to curb large gatherings, Hazel Chu has taken to Twitter this evening to say that she: ‘spoke to the Chief Executive and we will have more facilities in place this weekend.’ She added: ‘I’ll be following up with Gardai on what the plan is this weekend. From an events background I’m talking about crowd management, how to filter to various streets so its not all one street. Have also asked for more bins, toilets & will be asking OPW for later opening of the green.’

Giving more detail on the St. Stephen’s Green point, Ms. Chu said: ‘ I would like OPW to open later and also have an increased on Gardai to filter the area so people can still sit and socialise but not be rammed.’