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16th Aug 2020

Outrage over ‘shameful’ video captured in Dublin venue

Sarah Finnan

Berlin Bar

A video captured in a Dublin venue and later shared online has caused widespread outrage amongst locals who have criticised owners for allowing reckless behaviour to take place. Taken at Berlin D2 on Dame Lane, the video shows a room packed full of people, with little regard for public health guidelines.

Responding to the footage the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) described the video as “outrageous and appalling”, calling for the venue’s immediate closure.

“This is outrageous and appalling. That business should be shut down immediately. It is not a pub and does not hold a pub licence. Clear need for inspections across the hospitality sector to ensure compliance with guidelines & licensing conditions.”

Meanwhile, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly commented that “people are rightly sickened by these scenes” and that “the reckless actions of a small few can have huge repercussions on everyone else”. Minister Simon Harris echoed his sentiments, tweeting to say that the video is:

A right kick in the gut & middle finger to everyone in our country who has worked so hard & sacrificed so much, to everyone who has lost a loved one or been sick with #Covid19, to every frontline worker and to every responsible business owner who have suffered so much. Shameful.”

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