PICS: Maser's Repeal The 8th Mural Is Officially Back On The Streets Of Dublin

Not once, but twice

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Unless you've been living under a rock over the past couple of weeks (or in a haze of Netflix-heavy binges), you must've heard about street artist Maser's beautiful work of art, based around the #RepealThe8th referendum, which was swiftly taken down

Mural 2
Mural 6

This, naturally, caused an uproar amongst pro-choice supporters and the population of Ireland in general. 

Proving that the message really isn't going away, two copies of the mural went up in Dublin this morning.

The pieces can be spotted in Blackhall Place, Dublin 7. The original project was funded by The Hunreal Issues, a website aiming to politically mobilise women in Ireland.

Speaking to Newstalk, Hunreal Issues founder Andrea Horan had this to say about the projects:

The more we talk about it, explore what repealing it actually means and what comes afterwards – how many people it has affected, and continues to affect – the less stigmatised women’s healthcare decisions become.

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