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14th Jun 2019

A Pigeon Disrupted The Junior Cert In Hilarious Fashion At This Dublin School

Alan Fisher

Exam time can be stressful enough and the last thing you want is to be ducking and dodging as a bird flies around your exam hall dropping bombs.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday in St Mary’s College in Rathmines.

A pigeon managed to sneak it’s way into the exam hall and some of the students papers were deposited upon. Nice.

The college also mentioned that if the pigeon remained in the hall, they would have to move to the study for the German paper.

I genuinely thought their account had been hacked but it seems legit.

Thankfully, the tweeted again this morning saying the pigeon had left the hall and they wish him a long and happy summer.

It’s suppose to be good luck when a bird sh*ts on you, so to the students who were deposited upon, sit back and relax because you are sorted.