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08th Mar 2021

‘Sad day’ for Greenville Deli after thieves vandalise restaurant over weekend

Sarah Finnan

Greenville Deli

Staff at Greenville Deli on Tara Street got quite the shock over the weekend, arriving into work to find that the restaurant had been broken into, with shattered glass all over the ground. 

Sharing a photo of the damage over on social media, the team took to Instagram to say:

“To the thieves that broke in and destroyed our deli last night – thanks a lot!!! Sad day for Greenville. It’s the last thing you need to deal with in the middle of what is already a difficult time.
“However…We are grateful to have such lovely patient customers who didn’t mine the big delay today and who had such lovely kind words for us as well.”

Also thanking their staff for rallying together to pick up the pieces (literally), owners later added:

“We also have the best team working with us who helped us get everything cleaned and orders out today with such a positive attitude. Thanks everybody.”

Plenty of support flooded in for the café in the aftermath with both customers, friends and fellow hospitality workers expressing their dismay at the situation.

Saying what many others were thinking, as the guys at Strandfare put it:

“You guys are legends, you turned it around so quickly!! Hope they catch the thieves, you do not deserve this – we’re here if you need anything.”

Header image via Instagram/Greenville Deli

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