So Long, D4! Here's How You Can Find Our Your New Seven-Digit Postcode

You might be lucky and get one containing a rude word...


We've been hearing for a long time about Eircode – the new national postcode system that was first proposed more than 15 years ago, and is finally being launched today by Communications Minister Alex White.

And while the ribbon-cutting takes place later on today, residents across the country can already find out what their new postcode will be by clicking here.

Dublin postcodes have been switched to double-digits – so the iconic D4 makes way for D04 – while each home and business has also been assigned a unique four-digit code.

This will make operations easier for emergency and delivery services – particularly in rural areas, but also in parts of Dublin where naming conventions can make finding a specific location somewhat tricky.

Apparently you can only search 15 addresses per day, so maybe check your own before you stalk all your friends and family and neighbours to see if any of theirs contain rude words.

Check your code here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan