The Strangest Row Broke Out In This Stoneybatter Shop

Someone produced "karate head gear" and shit was about to go down.

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If you've got a short fuse, you never know when the fecking thing is going ignite.

You could be in the cinema or out for a jog and someone could just do something to annoy you and you'll lose it.

Shops are the ideal situation for short-fused people to lose their cool. Someone could skip you in the queue or they could take the last carton of milk and a red mist will come over you.

That's what happened in this Stoneybatter shop when an "asskicker" got into a row with another guy in the queue and only bloody produced Karate head gear.

Cheese Nolan shared this bizarre experience on his Twitter.

Now, we don't know about you but when someone is whipping out karate stuff and is ready to go into battle, that is your time to surrender and run away.

The gear was put on as an act of intimidation and we're just really impressed that this Irish Bruce Lee was quick enough on the ball to produce the items.

Was the person a black belt? Was there more martial art skills to his bow? You can be assured that the other guy wasn't waiting around to find out.

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