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17th Feb 2017

The 8 Restaurants In Dublin With The Best Views


They say beauty is food for the soul.

Well, maybe sometimes you want to feed your soul and your stomach at the same time.

Everyone knows that eating fantastic food while soaking in gorgeous views just makes your meal…


With that in mind, here are the seven best views in Dublin. 

1. Barracuda, Bray

A fancy seafood restaurant overlooking the Bray promenade.

Barracuda 2
Barracuda 1

2. Fallon & Byrne, People’s Park Dun Laoghaire

Sister of the Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer Street, this restaurant looks out at the immaculately cared for People’s Park.

Fallon Byrne 2
Fallon Byrne

3. Sophie at the Dean, Harcourt Street

The rooftop restaurant at the Dean Hotel, Sophie’s has wraparound views of the city while you have your pizza and cocktails.

Sophies 2
Sophies 4

4. The Winding Stair and Woolen Mills, Ormond Quay

The two sister restaurants are situated right beside each other, and both have great views looking out over the Liffey and the Hapenny Bridge.

Winding Stair Woolen Mills
Woolen Mills

5. Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse

Located at the top of one of Ireland’s favourite tourist attractions, you can have a pint of the black stuff while drinking in the views.

Gravity Bar
Gravity Bar 2

6. Aqua, Howth

Aqua is an award-winning seafood restaurant with winning views.

Aqua 1
Aqua 3

7. Fishbone, Clontarf

This trendy seaside restaurant has a view right out onto Clontarf Pier.

Fishbone 2
The Fishbone

8. The Marker, Grand Canal Square

The Marker Hotel has a cosy outdoor rooftop bar, giving you the chance to walk around and see all around Dublin.

The Marker
The Marker 2

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