'The Art And Dedication That's Involved In Coffee Really Interested Me'

Bruin New Media's wonderful designs make this weekend's Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival something special


It’s not just hot beverage companies that will be showcasing at the Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival.

The Festival is focused towards both the domestic tea and coffee lover, but also other industry members – whether roasters and blenders or cafés and restaurants. And what every aspiring business owner needs to consider is branding, design and marketing.

Bruin New Media are a Dublin-based company that specialise in all aspects of design, including photography, video production and graphic design. They have a clean, stylish but evocative approach that finds a match in contemporary coffee and café culture.

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Bruin recently did some work with up-and-coming coffee company Bear Market Coffee, based in Rathmines, including tutorial videos and gorgeous photos.

“It's a lovely establishment owned by Stephen & Ruth Deasy and we learned a lot about coffee and the process of making it, ourselves. The art and dedication that is involved really interested me,” says Darren Williams.


The company will be there to video the festival, but also to explore the visual side of tea and coffee. “We just got back from setting up our stand there and it looks great, the companies there have put a lot of effort into their stalls to make them stand out visually.” From latte art to branding and design, these are the guys to talk to about the visual side of the industry.

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Anna Murray